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Flower delivery from Kissed by Tulips:

Are you looking for a flower delivery at Hoag Hospital? If yes, then you should visit Kissed by Tulips We are a flower delivery company that provides you with artistic flower arrangements for every occasion.

We have premium-quality flowers for every event like reception, birthdays, special bouquets for loved ones and many more.

We are also the Hoag Hospital Florist, feel free to contact us if you want to send fresh and lovely flowers to your loved ones.

We have a huge variety of flowers ranging from roses to pastels. We have all you need.

Contact us for flower deliveries at Hoag Hospital and NewPort Beach.

Why you should send flowers to the loved ones at the hospital:

There are numerous benefits of sending flowers to the patients at the hospital. Let's read what are these benefits.

Better healing:

Do you know that flowers indirectly contribute to better healing of the patient? It helps reduce blood pressure and relaxes them. A relaxed body heals better and also helps in reducing patients’ stress. Florals help in the overall betterment of the person.

Helps in relieving pain:

We all know that flowers help in the emotional stability of a person. that further results in reducing body pain. If somebody is admitted to the hospital, they experience emotional turmoil in such a situation, flowers provide freshness in the room and make them feel better. You can order fresh blooms from Kissed by Tulips.

  • Reduces stress: One of the main benefits of giving your loved ones flowers is it helps in reducing stress. The hospital environment can be very stressful for the patients staying there. If you send flowers to them, it will help elevate the room's freshness and reduce stress. Flowers also provide relief from anxiety and calming the environment of the hospital room.
  • Better mood: Fresh flowers help increase positive emotions by reducing stress and anxiety. Flowers help bring joy to the patients and create a sense of belonging among them. Flowers help in creating a positive mindset and help in gaining trust and confidence, this helps in creating a positive environment that aids in a better healing process. 
  • Emotional connection: When you serve flowers to your loved ones, it makes them feel that there is somebody who loves them and cares for them because the hospital environment can be challenging. It is important to them that you make them feel loved by giving them flowers and placing fresh flowers in their rooms.
  • Better experience for the patients: Sometimes, being admitted to the hospital can be isolating for the patients and further increase stress among them. Fresh seasonal blooms help in creating a calm environment that makes them feel comfortable. It positively affects the mental state of a patient.

Is it culturally significant to send flowers to the hospitals?

Yes, it is a common practice where people send beautiful flower arrangements to their dear ones who are admitted to the hospital. Flowers carry huge importance and numerous benefits as we read above. Now let’s know about its cultural importance.

  • Tradition: In many societies, it is a custom to send fresh blooming flowers to your loved one, who is at the hospital. Flowers express that the sender of those blooms is wishing them a speedy recovery and they want them to get well soon. Flowers are a symbol of respect and care for the patient.
  • Symbolises life: The hospital environment can be stressful for some patients and they may feel hopeless, sending them flowers and showing them that you care for them helps them by giving them hope that they will recover soon, it brings them new hope. They don’t have negative thoughts in their mind which makes them feel motivated. We are the best florist near Hoag Hospital, who deliver flowers in no time.

Florist near Hoag Hospital | Kissed by Tulips

  • Cultural and religious beliefs: In some religions, flowers are connected with better health and overall health benefits for the patients. It also symbolizes the spiritual well-being of the loved ones. It is believed that flowers have healing power and can help in better recovery of the patient. Flowers are a symbol of well-being and best wishes for the loved ones.
  • The better expression of emotions: Your expressions can be well understood if you send flowers to your loved ones. They will understand that you care for them. Flowers can send a feeling of love, respect and gratitude towards the patients. It also creates a fresh environment for the patient.

Floral Arrangements for all!

We are the Newport Beach florist. Our creative team of florists prepare fresh flower arrangements for you as per your requirements. We also customize flower types and color choices according to your needs.

These floral arrangements are prepared by artistic florists who put their heart into every floral design they create with their hands. Our craftsmanship is reflected in the floral designs that we create for every you.

Hoag Hospital Flowers | Kissed by Tulips

We have seasonal as well as ornamental flowers for boundless creativity. Each flower at our shop is of premium quality because we understand how precious the person who is going to receive these flowers is for you.

The Newport Beach Florist also provides delivery in nearby areas. Our outlets are also present in various cities, serving happiness in many parts of the state. Contact us for all kinds of events. We also offer customization for all kinds of events. 

Our fresh flowers provide comfort to your loved ones. Every bouquet from our shop provides an emotional expression of love and care. 


Sending flowers to your loved ones is an old tradition. It symbolizes that we care for them and want them to get well soon. Flowers are expected to have healing powers that can indirectly help in better healing of the patients. 

At Kissed by Tulips we understand your needs and that is why we are the best Hoag Hospital Florist. We have creative designs for you that can also be customized as per your needs. Feel free to visit our website and place your orders with us.

You can contact us if you are looking for flower delivery at Newport Beach. We will deliver a lovely floral arrangement on your behalf. You can place your orders in advance too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Who is the best Hoag Hospital florist?
Ans. Kissed by Tulips is one of the best Hoag Hospital florists that provide quick delivery in no time. We have a variety of flower options to choose from. You can also customize your order as per your needs.

2. Is there a flower shop in Newport Beach?
Ans. Yes, Kissed by Tulips is also available at Newport Beach, if you want to send flowers to your loved ones or want exotic flowers for an event, contact us and we will get back to you in no time. Follow us on Instagram to learn more about us and get exciting deals on flower delivery.

3. Are there any benefits of sending flowers to your loved ones?
Ans. Yes, sending flowers to loved ones represents your love and care towards them. It also symbolizes your respect towards the recipient of flowers. Visit our flower shop at Newport Beach and select the best designs from us.

4. Can we make flower deliveries to the Hoag Hospital?
Ans. Kissed by Tulips makes flower delivery easy. Send flowers to your loved ones with us. We provide quick and easy flower delivery options for you. You can select the desired flower arrangement and we will deliver those to your friends and families in no time.

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