How to Order Luxurious Flowers from the Best Florist in Costa Mesa?

Best Florist in Costa Mesa

Flowers have the power to express your emotions. Any room can light up and look fresh if you simply put a floral arrangement at the center of your table. Flowers add fragrance to the place and also add elegance to the room.

Sending warm wishes through flowers has been a practice for ages. They are known to carry positivity and healing powers with them. Directly or indirectly flowers affect our lives in many ways.

A wedding decoration can never be fully complete without flowers, just like an apology lacks something if you don’t say it with a bouquet in your hand.

Kissed by Tulips: The world of luxurious flower collection

We are a premier Costa Mesa flower shop that has creative minds working every day, for the best flower arrangements. Our team of creative flower designers put all their efforts into creating the best flower arrangements for you. Each arrangement is handmade by the best florists who have gained mastery in flower designs over many years.

At Kissed by Tulips you will come across the most creative and unique flower arrangements in Costa Mesa. The best florist in Costa Mesa makes sure that every flower is placed right and our florists create thoughtful designs depending on the occasion you want these flower designs for. The symphony of colors and contrasts is pleasing to the eyes so that every petal can tell a story behind every design. 

Our handmade flower arrangements have a variety of flower designs and colors depending upon the occasion you can also the flowers of your choice that you want in the flower designs. These flower arrangements are made with great care and love. We leave no stone unturned to meet your expectations.

Best quality flowers:

At Kissed by Tulips, florist Costa Mesa, you will find premium quality luxurious flowers as we select these flowers from the best wholesale flower dealers in town. Our flowers are long-lasting and of good quality so that we don’t put you down. For us, arranging the best quality flowers for you is a priority. We buy garden fresh fragrant flowers that can light up your special event even more.

Our flowers come from those farmers who practice sustainability farming because we support environment protection and sustainability. Sustainable farming practices not only help in preserving the environment but it also helps us select the best and right flowers for you.

Variety of Costa Mesa Flowers

At our store, you are going to find a luxurious collection of various types of flowers for every occasion. For weddings, we have a variety of pastels that are going to add charm to your lovely wedding. 

For brunch parties, we have a bright and punchy flower collection that will add more fun and freshness to your brunch party. The best florist in Costa Mesa also makes special arrangements for exotic flowers. You can contact us to place your order for these special flowers.

Our seasonal flowers are a must-have for your home decor as these flowers add freshness to your living area. You can visit our website Kissed by Tulips to place your orders.

Features of the website:

Our website is easy to use, you can easily navigate through the website as the interface is user-friendly. You can easily view all the flower options on our website and place the order.

All the flower collections are thoughtfully curated on our website so that you don’t face any difficulty in selecting the flower arrangement. You can also customize your orders as per your needs from the website. We have the best flower collection that suits all your needs.

Along with the flower arrangements we have special warm wishes cards that can accompany your special flower bouquet. There are numerous cards available suiting all kinds of occasions. You can easily navigate through the cards section and select the best card.

You can also create your flower arrangement by mentioning the kind of colors you want and flowers you would like to add to the arrangement. We make sure to meet your expectations and present you with the same flower arrangement.

How to Place an order?

Placing an order with Kissed by Tulips is very easy and convenient. You have two options for placing an order:

Option 1 - Online flower shop Costa Mesa

You can place your orders from the comfort of your home, through the website. Visit the Costa Mesa Florist website, select the flowers you want to order, select the warm wishes card to go with it and check out. Our online payment platform is user-friendly and secure. You can conveniently make payments with your debit/credit card. You will also get the option for home delivery and store pick up, you can select either of the options depending on your convenience.

Option 2 - Store Visit

You can visit the Costa Mesa flower shop, Kissed by Tulips and our staff can help you to select the best flower arrangement for you. If you want to customize your order you can share the details with our staff members so that we bring to you the same bouquet that you expected. The Kissed by Tulips staff members are friendly and will do everything to meet your needs.

Timely Delivery

The best florist in Costa Mesa makes sure to make the best flower delivery Costa Mesa with the same bouquet that you have ordered. All our deliveries are right on time. With Kissed by Tulips you can sit back and relax because taking care of your flower arrangement is our responsibility. 

Same-day flower delivery Costa Mesa:

We also make same-day flower deliveries in Costa Mesa and nearby areas if you place an order with us before 1:00 PM, we make sure to provide the best flower delivery Costa Mesa with the same bouquet that you have ordered.

For all the updates regarding Kissed by Tulips, you can stay connected with us on Instagram and keep in touch with all the new collections that bring for you.

Customer Testimonials:

We have a strong bond with our clients. Our reviews are full of positive comments regarding the on-time delivery and craftsmanship. You can explore our testimonial section from the Kissed by Tulips website as we let our work speak for us. Our hardworking florists put their heart and mind into creating every single flower arrangement for you.

You can get in touch with us from our toll-free number or you can also fill out the contact form from the website.


Kissed by Tulips is a luxurious flower store catering to all your flower needs. Our flower collection includes artistic and unique designs. Our flower collection goes from local flower beauties to the exotic rare collection. We select flowers from the best wholesalers in town. You can also get flower delivery Costa Mesa and easily place orders from our website. If you want to know about our flower collection, read this blog.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1- How can I stay updated on the latest floral designs and promotions?

Answer. You can stay connected with Costa Mesa Florist from our Instagram Platform and we will keep you posted with the latest designs and promotions.

2- Do you offer flower subscriptions or recurring delivery services?

Answer. Yes, if you want to receive regular flower services from Kissed by Tulips you can subscribe to our flower delivery services from the website.

3- What sets your online flower shop apart from others?

Answer. Our commitment to providing you with the best flower arrangements and our unique artistry is what sets us apart from the other flower shops Costa Mesa. We provide you with the best luxury flower collections and on-time delivery.

4- Can I include a personal message in my flower gift?

Answer. Yes, you can include a personal message with your flower bouquet. When you place your order online on the checkout window you will find the personal message option and in the box, you can type your message for the receiver. Isn’t this easy?

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